SKF Silent Series brings revolution of silence for machine tool spindles

In lower-speed applications such as machine tool spindles, it is common for bearing cages to make rattling noises during operation. However, these noises which are often coupled with vibration, frequently lead end-users to doubt the condition of their machinery, taking it as a sign that something is wrong.

SKF’s new Silent Series super-precision angular contact ball bearings were developed to counter this issue. By minimising noise and vibration levels within bearings, confidence in the performance of spindles can be improved, optimising uptime.

These bearings feature a new innovative polyamide cage which is centred on the rolling elements within the bearing to minimise rattling during rotation. This helps to increase the confidence of end-users in the condition and quality of their spindle, as well as making it easier to detect real faults.

SKF Silent Series angular contact ball bearings are fast and cost-efficient to mount, reducing maintenance costs as well as downtime for fitting.

They also have an optimised tolerance range on both the bore and the outside diameter, which means that load sharing across the bearings is improved when mounted in sets. This helps to improve spindle efficiency, as well as reducing the time required for bearing selection.

To find out more about SKF Silent Series angular contact ball bearings, contact your local sales team today.

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