50A1S107, Renold, Roller Chain Riveting Pin Link - Press Fit (ANSI)

1 pc, ANSI, 1 Strand - Simplex, Carbon Steel

Brand Renold
Mfr Part No. 50A1S107
Acorn Code 50-1-NO107-RENOLD
HS Code 7315 90 00 00



Connecting links are used to join the two ends of the chain together and are provided in two different configurations, depending on the application.
Press-fit connecting links are provided when the integrity of the connecting link needs to be equal to that of the base chain. This design uses pitch holes in the cover plate that are smaller than the chain pins, requiring the user to press the cover plate onto the pins before installing the spring clip or cotter. While more difficult to install, this type of connection provides the greatest load carrying capability.


Product Attributes
Manufacturer Product Code 50A1S107
Basic Product Description Roller Chain Riveting Pin Link - Press Fit (ANSI)
Measurement Imperial
UOM 1 pc
Pitch (mm) 15.88
Width between inner plates b1 min (mm) 9.4
Roller diameter d1 max (mm) 10.16
Pitch (in) 5/8
Weight (Kg) 0.017
Strands 1 Strand - Simplex
Standard ANSI
Range Blue Box
Material Carbon Steel
Link NO.107
Basic Reference Riveting pin link

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