PHL FM10/400, SKF, Belt frequency meter

Brand SKF
Mfr Part No. PHL FM10/400
Acorn Code PHLFM10/400-SKF
HS Code 8482 99 00 90
COO United Kingdom (GB)

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The SKF Belt Frequency Meter is a two component system consisting of a hand-held meter attached to an optical sensor via an electronic calbe. The sensor uses an infrared beam to detect the vibration of a belt strand and sends a signal to the meter. (The sensor includes an LED that produces an orange light beam to help aim the invisible infrared ray.) Comparing this input to the vibration of a quartz crystal, the meter computes the natural frequency of the belt. The result is shown in the display window as hertz (oscillations per second). The internal programming of the meter is also able to report the belt tension in units of force (either newton or pounds-force) provided the operator has entered the belt mass and span length using the manually operated key pad.


Product Attributes
Manufacturer Product Code PHL FM10/400
Basic Product Description Belt frequency meter
UOM Each
Weight (Kg) 12
Laser Type Narrow angle orange LED
Battery 4 x AA (MN1500) Alkaline only
IP Rating IP 54


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