Radicon History

Radicon is a leading manufacturer of geared motors, couplings, gearboxes and industrial reducers. Radicon couplings are easy to connect and disconnect, they transmit the full power from one shaft to another and are able to compensate for all types of shaft misalignment.

The flexibility of Radicon's products, and the experience of Acorn and Radicons engineering design team means we can offer design solutions to suit your exact requirements and for a wide range of applications and industries. Please contact our coupling expert Bob Wright to discuss your requirements

David Brown

In 2010 The name David Brown Radicon transferred over to Radicon when David Brown Gear Systems sold it's coupling division - David Brown Radicon to Elecon engineering - Asia’s largest and fastest growing gear manufacturer.

Today, David Brown Couplings are still produced to the same high quality that the David Brown name is renouned for, but under the Radicon name. 

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