Linear 24

Linear Rail and Carriage Assemblies within 24 hours.

“We recognise your need for a fast, efficient turn-around on your Linear Rail and Carriage orders. We wanted to turn our customers perceived long delivery times for Linear Rail Assemblies on its head, by providing a 'delivered in 24 hour service' – something unheard of in the linear market. We feel we have achieved that.” 
Kiran Patel, Linear Specialist for Acorn

Linear 24 is the premium linear Rail and Carriage assembly service now available from Acorn.

Investing over £100,000 in a precision rail cutting machine and THK stock, ACORN® have worked hard to ensure we provide a level of service unparalleled in the linear industry. Order your rail and carriage requirements from our available stocks before 2:30pm and you will receive them the next working day.