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EWELLIX linear ball bearings

With a stainless steel design, EWELLIX linear ball bearings offer a simple and cost-effective linear motion solution, with a reduced coefficient of friction for increased efficiency.

Reasons to buy from us

What are the features and benefits of EWELLIX linear ball bearings?

The most common type of linear slide, EWELLIX linear ball bearings or bushings offer high levels of rigidity, along with outstanding reliability and durability. This maximises service life whilst reducing downtime.

These components are easy to install and are supplied pre-lubricated, further reducing the amount of time required for installation.

A wide range of diameters is available, from 3mm – 80mm, to suit a vast range of applications in almost every industry.

To find out more about EWELLIX’s range of linear ball bearings, contact your local knowledgeable sales team today.

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