The lightweight chain solution for the food & beverage industry

In the food and beverage industry, it can often feel like a bit of a balancing act between complying with strict regulations whilst keeping costs down and maintaining the highest possible levels of production. A failure in any of these three areas could have huge consequences for the business.

When designing machines to handle food or drink, stainless steel power transmission chain is often the product of choice thanks to its corrosion resistance. However, it is very heavy and often has a short service life, meaning that it needs to be regularly replaced.

This is where Tsubaki PC chain comes in. This unique roller chain features stainless outer link plates and pins to provide excellent strength, along with plastic inner links to reduce the weight of the chain and improve wear life.

Also suitable for industries such as packaging and pharmaceuticals, PC chain is lubrication free, so you can rest assured that your products will remain free from contamination via lubricant leakage. It is highly resistant to outdoor conditions, as well as steam, detergent and food products such as lactic acids and oils.

The plastic inner links provide outstanding wear resistance, extending service life and reducing maintenance costs for the business.

Available in both BS and ANSI variants, Tsubaki PC chain is also environmentally friendly, in both its sustainable production methods and its lubrication free operation, as well as running quietly to reduce noise pollution.

To find out more about how Tsubaki PC chain could reduce your downtime and extend your maintenance intervals, contact your local sales team today

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