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Reduce your grease consumption with SKF sealed spherical roller bearings

Image showing the markings on an SKF sealed spherical bearing

SKF sealed spherical roller bearings offer an innovative option for businesses that are looking to prioritise sustainability by reducing their grease consumption. Not only do these bearings offer a solution to grease leakage, but they exhibit outstanding operating characteristics, helping you to optimise your productivity, keep your downtime to a minimum and reduce waste.

In this article, we'll explain exactly how SKF sealed spherical roller bearings work to virtually eliminate grease leakage, as well as discussing which types of applications could benefit most from this type of bearing.

Save grease, save the environment

Grease leakage from bearings can have a devastating environmental impact, polluting soil and groundwater. In addition to this, grease in water promotes the growth of algae blooms, which reduce levels of oxygen in waterways and make them inhospitable to many aquatic species.

Businesses across the globe are becoming increasingly aware of their environmental impact and making conscious efforts to reduce their business' footprint on the environment. Reducing the leakage of grease from bearings is a fantastic step towards making your business more sustainable and contributing to your Corporate Social Responsibility.

Sealed spherical roller bearings offer a greaseless solution for your machinery, eliminating the risk of grease leakage and environmental pollution. So, if you're looking to limit your environmental impact by preventing grease leakage, opting for sealed spherical roller bearings is a great option.

SKF leads the way with sealed spherical roller bearings

SKF is known for understanding the challenges that its customers face on a daily basis, including the need to eliminate grease leakage in industry. That's one of the key reasons why SKF decided to develop its pioneering sealed spherical roller bearing design.

SKF sealed spherical roller bearings are specifically designed for applications where there is no direct access to lubricating oil or grease. All the grease required for the bearing during its lifecycle is sealed inside the bearing, meaning that relubrication is not required. Not only does this reduce the amount of maintenance required during operation, but it also prevents the leakage of grease, as it remains sealed securely within the bearing.

Why choose SKF sealed spherical roller bearings?

There's a reason that SKF sealed spherical roller bearings are used in almost every country across the globe. Not only do these bearings prioritise sustainability, but they also exhibit outstanding running characteristics, helping your machinery to perform to the best of its ability.

Let's take a look at some of the benefits of SKF sealed spherical roller bearings.

Put sustainability first

Sustainability should always be at the forefront of your business, as there is nothing more important than the future of our planet. Luckily, SKF sealed spherical roller bearings have been designed with sustainability in mind, thanks to their sealed design which eliminates the risk of grease leakage, keeping our oceans clean and free from pollution.

Prioritise total cost of ownership

The unique sealed design of SKF sealed spherical roller bearings provides long term reliability and reduces downtime. This helps your business to prioritise total cost of ownership by helping you to save money in costly repairs and lost productivity.

Not only will you save money in machine breakdown, but you'll also benefit from the cost savings associated with not having to purchase grease for your bearings when you choose SKF sealed spherical roller bearings.

Improve productivity and uptime

SKF sealed spherical roller bearings are renowned for their impressive running characteristics, increasing equipment availability and leading to reduced downtime. They also provide a high level of reliability, helping you to keep your machinery in optimal condition and your business moving.

Guard against contamination

SKF sealed spherical roller bearings are fully sealed for life, guarding against the ingress of contamination throughout their lifetime. Not only does this sealed design prevent grease leakage, but it also prevents contamination from entering your bearings, helping to extend their lifespan.

Save space

Thanks to their sealed design, SKF sealed spherical roller bearings are designed to take up less space than other types of rolling element bearings. This helps your machinery to be more compact and save valuable space, which is important for any business, but especially where axial space is limited.

Put sustainability first with SKF sealed spherical roller bearings

Every business is looking for ways to make sustainability a priority and be an environmentally conscious business. Unfortunately, grease leakage is a significant issue facing the environment, polluting the oceans and damaging the Earth's delicate ecosystem.

SKF sealed spherical roller bearings offer an innovative solution, with a sealed for life design that reduces maintenance requirements and eliminates the risk of grease leakage. Not only do these bearings help your business to be more sustainable, but they also improve your productivity by reducing costly downtime and enhancing the performance of your machinery.

If you're considering making the switch to SKF sealed spherical roller bearings, we're here to help. Our bearings experts are on hand to advise you on the best option for your machinery, whatever your business' priorities.