Temperature can be one of the first warning signs of a problem with a component, when heat is lost during operation. Using a thermometer to check the temperature of components can provide early indication of a fault, before failure occurs. 

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What is the SKF range of thermometers?

SKF Thermometers are suitable for a wide range of applications.

The pocket sized General Purpose Thermometer pen SKF TMTP 200 is a user friendly instrument with a sturdy flexible probe tip enabling many surface temperatures to be measured.

The SKF TKDT 10 has a wide temperature measurement range and has the option to accommodate up to two SKF temperature probes.

SKF Infrared thermometers are portable, lightweight instruments for safely measuring temperature at a distance.

They are extremely user-friendly; simply aim and pull the trigger and the temperature is shown on the display.

These robust instruments are equipped with a back-lit display and laser sighting. They are fitted with a bright LED illuminator to allow the application object to be seen even in poorly lit environments. 

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