Condition monitoring equipment

To help you achieve the maximum service life from your bearings, Acorn offer a wide range of SKF measuring instruments for analysing the critical environmental conditions which have an impact on bearing and machine performance.

Our condition monitoring equipment

Reasons to buy from us

Monitoring the condition of machinery and bearings

Basic Condition Monitoring is essential for achieving maximum bearing service life.

It’s important to monitor the condition of your machinery and bearings while they are in operation. Good predictive maintenance will help you reduce machine downtime and decrease your overall maintenance costs.

The SKF range covers the most important parameters for measuring machine condition to achieve optimum bearing performance including:

  • Temperature
  • Speed
  • Noise
  • Oil condition
  • Vibrations
  • Bearing condition

SKF’s range of Condition Monitoring equipment includes:

  • ThermoPen
  • Infrared Thermometers
  • Thermal Cameras
  • Thermal Imagers
  • Tachometers
  • Stethoscopes
  • Oil Condition Monitor
  • Endoscope
  • Stroboscope
  • Handheld Viscometer
  • Sound Pressure Meter
  • Ultrasonic Leak Detector
  • Inspector 400 Ultrasonic Probe
  • Electrical Discharge Detector Pen
  • Machine Condition Advisor
  • Electric Motor Assessment Kit
  • Bearing Assessment Kit
  • Energy Monitoring Kit
  • Advanced Bearing Analysis Kit
  • MicroVibe P Kit
  • Machine Condition Detector Pro IS

For further information on Condition Monitoring contact your nearest Acorn Branch.

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