08B-1-14, Steel, Pilot Bore Sprocket

Simplex - 1 Row of Teeth. 1/2 inch Tooth Pitch, 14 Teeth, 10mm Bore, 41mm Hub Size

Brand Neutral
Mfr Part No. 08B-1-14
Acorn Code 08B-1-14-NEUTRAL
Performance Good
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Pilot bore chain sprockets offer the flexibility of custom boring to suit a specific application or shaft size.
Used for the transmission of power between drive shafts through roller chains. Manufactured in steel or cast iron in a range of tooth pitches, designed for use with respective pitches of roller chain.


Product Attributes
Manufacturer Product Code 08B-1-14
Basic Reference 08B-1-14
Basic Product Description Pilot Bore Sprocket
Type Pilot Bore
Perfomance Good
No. Teeth Rows Simplex - 1 Row
Material Steel
Tooth Pitch (ANSI) Inch 1/2
No. Teeth (mm) 14
External Diameter (mm) 61.8
Pitch Diameter (mm) 57.07
Bore/id (mm) 10
Hub Size (mm) 41
Width/Overall Thickness (mm) 28
Weight (kg) 0.32

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