Sprockets are available in variations such as pilot bore, tapered bush, bored and keyed sprockets.

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What are the different types of sprocket and how do you know which to choose?

Our sprockets are available in a number of different designs:

Pilot Bore Sprockets

The Pilot Bore Sprocket, also called a Rough Stock Bore Sprocket, is secured onto the shaft using a bushing or a hub. The Sprocket is supplied with a bore that must be re-bored to fit the customer’s shaft size.

Tapered Bush Sprockets

The Tapered Bush Sprocket is mounted onto the shaft using a tapered bushing also available from Acorn.

Bored and Keyed Sprockets

The Bored and Keyed Sprocket, also referred to as Bored to Size, needs to be mounted onto a shaft with a similar keyway to fit the sprocket.

Acorn also supplies double row, also known as double simplex or duplex and triple row or triplex sprockets.

The double simplex sprocket is a sprocket with double rows of cogs. The double simplex sprocket is used when two different drives are driven by the same shaft or when one sprocket is driven and also drives another sprocket drive. This type of sprocket is commonly used with simplex chains.

For sprockets made from a particular material, such as stainless steel, please contact your nearest Acorn Branch for further details.


Chain drives, which incorporate both chains and sprockets, are suitable for applications with lower speeds and higher torques compared to belt drives.

  • Speed reducers for gearboxes
  • Conveyor drives
  • Fork lifts

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