Timken Bearing heaters

Timken manufacture an assortment of bearing heaters to suit all bearings. These low-frequency induction heaters provide a fast, safe and effective method of mounting bearings, without risking damage to surrounding machinery.

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What are the benefits of choosing a Timken bearing heater?

Benefits of choosing a Timken bearing heater include: 

Extended service life

Timken bearing heaters apply controlled heat to the bearing, helping to prevent damage. This can help to lengthen the life span of equipment and reduce future downtime. 

Improved worker safety

Timken bearing heaters provide a safer alternative to fitting methods such as naked flames and oil baths which carrying a high risk of burning. 

Lower environmental impact

Low-frequency induction heaters do not create fumes or result in large amounts of environmentally degrading waste. This makes bearing heaters a more environmentally friendly option than ovens, oil baths and blow torches. 

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