Timken heating tools

Timken’s range of bearing induction heaters provides a safe and environmentally friendly method of fitting bearings.

Reasons to buy from us

Why should I choose a Timken bearing heater?

With 16% of premature bearing failures resulting from poor fitting practices, it is clear that improper mounting of bearings can have expensive consequences.

But what is the best way to fit a bearing? And how do you decide which brand to choose?

Benefits of choosing a Timken bearing heater to mount your bearing include:

Prevent equipment damage

Using a Timken bearing heater to mount your bearing can lengthen the life span of your equipment, preventing unnecessary damage to the bearing, seal and surrounding equipment.

Environmentally friendly

Timken’s range of bearing heaters are a more environmentally alternative to oil baths, blow torches and ovens, which may cause fumes and oil waste.

Protect worker safety

In comparison to a blow torch or oil bath, a bearing heater is a considerable improvement when it comes to worker safety. Timken bearing heaters reduce the risk of burns, ensuring that bearings can be mounted without compromising worker safety.

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