KTR Couplings

Acorn offer the full range of KTR Couplings from the smallest spider coupling to the largest gear coupling. For assistance in choosing the right coupling for your application, talk to Bob our coupling expert.

About KTR

KTR Couplings is a leading manufacturer of mechanical couplings with an extensive standard product portfolio, manufacturing well-designed, quality components. Producing several million couplings a year using modern manufacturing methods KTR produce couplings made to the utmost accuracy - some having a unit weight of up to 2 tons. Flexible automation also ensures quick and low-cost production.

By working with Acorns dedicated coupling division, customised solutions are available built to your individual specifications. Although KTR’s standard product portfolio is extensive, it represents a fraction of the options available. The knowledge gained from thousands of applications in the field allows Acorn and KTR to find the optimum, low cost solution for you.

At Acorn, we provide the full range of KTR Couplings. Our coupling expert, Bob Wright, has over 27 years industry experience, specialising in the specification and supply of couplings. Bob is available to offer you help and advice in selecting the right coupling for your application. If you would like to talk to Bob about your coupling requirements please send him an email.

Or visit www.ktr.com (opens new window)  or contact our coupling division for more details.