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EWELLIX ball screws

The EWELLIX Ball Screw has outstanding positioning accuracy and repeatability levels and offers smooth and precise linear motion.

Different applications have different needs, and as an authorised EWELLIX distributor, we can offer ball screws tailored to various requirements with customised shaft machined ends and an assortment of accessories to ease integration in existing systems. 

Reasons to buy from us

What is the EWELLIX range of ball screws?

EWELLIX offers a wide selection of ball screws to suit every application. This range includes rolled ball screws, ground ball screws, miniature ball screws and long lead ball screws.

EWELLIX ground ball screws

When your application demands high levels of precision and rigidity, EWELLIX ground ball screws are there to meet these requirements.

EWELLIX rolled ball screws

EWELLIX’s range of rolled ball screws are a premium quality linear motion solution and offer a competitive alternative to ground ball screws.

EWELLIX miniature ball screws

For applications where space is limited, EWELLIX miniature ball screws offer a compact linear solution. With diameters ranging from 6mm to 16mm, these ball screws combine excellent repeatability with highly accurate positioning.

EWELLIX long lead ball screws

EWELLIX’s range of long lead ball screws have been innovatively designed to deliver fast linear speeds, increasing your productivity whilst maintaining reliability.

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