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EWELLIX ball screw assemblies

Highly accurate with outstanding repeatability, EWELLIX ball screw assemblies deliver smooth linear motion with high levels of reliability.

Reasons to buy from us

What are the features and benefits of EWELLIX ball screw assemblies?

EWELLIX’s high performance range of ball screws are suitable for a vast range of applications which require durable precision drive systems.

These ball screws deliver outstanding repeatability, combined with high levels of positioning accuracy. They have a good tolerance for vibration and changes in direction, whilst promoting smooth running.

The EWELLIX range of ball screw assemblies includes several ground options which are highly precise with excellent levels of rigidity, along with a rolled option for customers who require a premium quality yet cost-effective solution.

To find out more about EWELLIX’s range of ball screw assemblies, or for a no-obligation quotation, contact your local team of experts today.

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