5 ways to increase your sustainability with SKF Food Line housed units

It's no secret that regulations in food processing plants are some of the strictest found in the industry. Environmental targets are tougher than ever, whilst the pressure to keep overhead costs down and production time up is increasing. It can feel like an impossible feat to achieve all these goals.

SKF has released its new Food Line range of bearing units, created specifically for the demanding environment of the food & beverage industry. These bearing units are designed for lower environmental impact, reduced downtime and elimination of unnecessary maintenance.

Sustainable materials

The new bearings units from SKF are 100% sustainable, meaning that their production leaves little impact on the planet. With 0% landfill, 59% of the housings being recyclable and 41% of the energy recovered, the new Food Line bearings can boast 100% sustainability. This helps to promote a proactive environmental culture of prevent, reduce and recycle.

Sealing out contamination

Superior sealability means that these bearings remain contamination free, helping to prevent unnecessary downtime caused by contamination, and significantly reducing the need for excessive maintenance. This can also cut potential production loss, as breakdowns due to bearing failure caused by contamination or incorrect maintenance practices are immensely reduced.

Cut out maintenance

The outstanding sealing capabilities of this housing unit mean that grease does not get washed away during tough washdowns. This means that the bearing insert no longer requires relubrication and with no contamination within the housing, the bearing stays lubrication free. As well as boosting sustainability, this also reduces time spent on maintenance, helping you to keep your costs down.

Cut the waste

With no need for relubrication comes no waste grease. Not only does this save your overhead costs, but it also reduces the contamination of your plants waste water as bearings no longer need to have the grease washed out during high-pressure washdown. This can also save plants up to 33% of hot water required for cleaning excess grease from open bearing units.

Maximise food safety

Food safety is optimised with SKF Food Line bearings, as not only is the likelihood of contamination greatly reduced, but food grade lubricant is used in every housing and bearing insert. This means that food remains free from potential toxic contamination and production loss is less likely to occur.

Also, the new design sees housings being manufactured from blue coloured materials, as blue is the least likely colour to occur naturally in food. This means if any parts break off into the production line, they are easily detectable before potential production loss happens.

To find out more about how SKF Foodline bearing units could benefit your business, talk to our bearing product manager, Clive Simkins.

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