Six reasons why you should switch to a SYNCHROCHAIN belt drive

One of the world’s best performers amongst today’s timing belts with an exceptional tensile strength, CONTI® SYNCHROCHAIN is renowned for its superior performance in a vast range of power transmission applications. But why should you change your chain drive over to a SYNCHROCHAIN belt drive?

Maintenance free operation

CONTI® SYNCHROCHAIN is maintenance free, eliminating the need for lubrication. This reduces maintenance costs as lubrication does not need to be purchased, and resources do not need to be allocated to performing this maintenance. It also helps to improve worker safety, as less manual effort is required.

Reverse flexing

CONTI® SYNCHROCHAIN permits reverse flexing in the same way as a drive chain, making it ideal for use in multi-pulley drives such as conveyor systems.

Tolerant of extreme high acceleration forces

This belt is designed for drives which are subjected to extreme high acceleration forces, thanks to its extreme resistance to elongation and tearing. It absorbs all impacts, helping to protect surrounding equipment and promoting maintenance free operation.

High torque transmission at low speeds

CONTI® SYNCHROCHAIN is able to reliably transmit high torques at low speeds, making it ideal for slow moving applications which carry heavy loads. The aramid tensile members which are rooted through the belt provide a high tensile strength, whilst the teeth are highly resistant to deformation.

Low noise operation

The innovative belt construction, coupled with dramatic reductions in belt size, produce a considerably quieter drive, even at high speeds. This contributes to a reduced level of noise production, ideal for use in environments where noise levels are a consideration.

Space saving

The high tear resistance, exceptional tensile strength and high dynamic load carrying capacity of CONTI® SYNCHROCHAIN make it a compact and economical solution for a wide range of power transmission applications.

To find out more about making the switch to a SYNCHROCHAIN belt drive, contact your knowledgeable local sales team today.