Why should you rely on ROCOL FOODLUBE® to keep your products safe?

We are sure you're aware it is essential to ensure all of your applications in your plant are correctly lubricated. This stops unnecessary downtime and keeps your parts running to their optimum level saving you time and money.

However, in the Food & Beverage industry it can be difficult to make sure that there is little to no contamination when it comes to lubrication and maintenance of machinery. This due to not just making the right selection, but also ensuring the correct dosage is given at the required intervals. Too much lubrication given will endanger the seals protecting the bearings when the necessary task of post-production wash down is carried out. The very nature of the end produce means that lubricant used must be non-toxic and completely compliant with food safety standards.

This is where ROCOL's FOODLUBE® range steps in. This range can offer peace of mind when it comes to the running of your food processing plant, and we have put together some reasons to prove it:


1. NSF certified with total compliance

This means that all FOODLUBE® products are safe to use around goods that will be ingested, this means it is made from FDA approved products that do not contain ingredients with animal derived materials, nut oils, soya, dairy or genetically modified ingredients whilst also being Halal and Kosher.


2. High quality to keep machines running

ROCOL greases and lubricants are all extensively tested and will only be released when it has met the high standards of quality and performance ROCOL expect from all their products.



ROCOL use DETEX technology in all of their plastic caps and actuators on their FOODLUBE® aerosol products. DETEX makes plastic components metal detectable, meaning that if any caps or other plastic packaging get lost or dropped in/around food product, it can be detected by metal detecting machines.


4. PUROL 3H NSF Lubricant

ROCOL also offer PUROL® under their food grade lubricants, PUROL® offers protection for applications where direct contact is inevitable. It is particularly suitable for seals, mincer plates, mixers and slicers where contact physically cannot be avoided. Like FOODLUBE®, PUROL® is produced to NSF 3H & H1 standards with only FDA listed ingredients.


For more information on ROCOL's high performance products, talk to Clive our Bearings & Maintenance Product Manager and resident MaPro hero.

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