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Keeping machinery running smoothly in the Mining & Quarrying industry

Heavy loads, contamination and vibration: just three of the harsh conditions that mining and quarrying applications are subjected to daily. These conditions inevitably lead to premature failure of machine components, causing machinery to grind to a halt.

In today’s challenging economic climate, unplanned downtime and loss of production is a cost that mining and quarrying businesses could do without. For this reason, aggregates machinery needs to run as smoothly as possible, optimising reliability to keep downtime to a minimum.

With 36% of premature bearing failures attributed to poor lubrication, using the optimum lubrication in the right quantities at the correct interval could reduce unplanned downtime by over a third. This makes optimising your lubrication routine one of the most cost-effective methods of reducing premature bearing failure.

World-renowned manufacturer of premium lubrication products, Petro-Canada, has a range of specially formulated greases, oils and fluids which are ideal for use in the mining and quarrying industry. These lubrication products have been developed to deliver outstanding protection to components under the harsh conditions of the industry, including severe loads, extreme temperatures and contaminated environments.

With decades of experience manufacturing quality lubrication products for use in mining environments, Petro-Canada is perfectly placed to meet the diverse and ever-changing needs of this industry.