About belt alignment

A common cause of worn belts and/or pulleys, as well as increased noise and vibration levels, is pulley misalignment. This can lead to premature bearing failure and ultimately unplanned downtime of your belt-driven machinery.

Traditional belt alignment methods are usually visual in combination with a straight edge and/or length of string. Although quick to perform, they are often inaccurate.

Using a laser belt alignment tool is quicker and more accurate than traditional methods. Belt alignment tools can either align the pulley faces or the pulley grooves.

Accurate pulley and belt alignment can help you:

  • Increase bearing life
  • Increase machinery uptime, efficiency and productivity
  • Reduce wear on pulleys and belts
  • Reduce friction and thereby energy consumption
  • Reduce noise and vibration
  • Reduce costs of replacing components and machinery downtime


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