Bearing pullers

Bearing Pullers are a safe, quick, and effortless bearing removal tool. They can also be used to remove gears and other workpieces from shafts and blind bearing holes. Using a bearing removal tool can help to ensure no damage is caused to the bearing or the seating.

Dismounting a bearing from a shaft can be a hazardous and demanding task. With the many different types of pullers available, it is essential to select the correct tool. In addition, the user should consider the maximum withdrawal capacity required to minimise any risk of personal injury. 

ACORN offers a wide range of mechanical and hydraulic pullers to assist with virtually any type of pull. These including External, Internal, Blind and Slide Hammer Bearing Pullers.

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What is a bearing puller?

The Bearing Puller was designed to help in the removal of bearings from shafts and housing. A bearing puller will generally have two or three metal jaws to grip the bearing, either by the inner or outer raceway. The centre bar of the puller is then positioned in the centre of the shaft's end. Opposing forces are then used to push against the end of the shaft while the jaws pull against the bearing, forcing the bearing to move off the shaft.

We can categorise bearing pullers as mechanical jaw pullers, hydraulic pullers, strong back pullers, and heavy-duty jaw pullers.

A range of bearing pullers including mechanical pullers for internal and external pulls, hydraulic bearing pullers and a slide hammer puller

Mechanical pullers

  • Standard jaw pullers
    A versatile puller range consisting of two and three arm pullers. Standard jaw pullers offer easy and safe jaw puller operation and are one of the easiest and most effective methods of removing small to medium sized bearings.

  • Reversible jaw pullers
    Robust pullers for internal and external pulling. These multi-purpose reversible pullers are suitable for removing bearings and other components. The standard bearing puller set consists of eight pullers and is capable of dismounting a wide range of bearings and industrilal workpieces. Extra long arms are available on the larger sizes to help remove bearings placed far from the end of a shaft. In addition, extension accessories are aslso available.

  • Heavy duty jaw pullers
    In addition to an exceptional grip on medium to large size bearings, these powerful self-centring mechanical pullers provide perfect alignment and shaft protection.

Hydraulic pullers

Effortlessly remove bearings, pulleys, gears and other workpieces. A major benifit of the hydraulic bearing puller is its ability to dismount bearings in a safe, fast and more straightforward manor. 

  • Hydraulically assisted heavy duty jaw pullers
    The hydraulically-assisted jaw puller is a hydraulic version of the heavy-duty jaw puller mentioned above. However, the hydraulically-assisted version enables high forces to be easily applied and provides combined puller power and safety forces. In addition, the combination of a spindle and hydraulic cylinder allows the working length to be easily adjusted.

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