150-XL, Protorque, Rubber, PROTORQUE HTD Imperial Timing Belt

15 inch Nominal Length, 3/16 inch Tooth Pitch, 3/8 inch Width

Brand Protorque
Acorn Code 150-XL-037-PROTORQUE

Imperial or standard timing belts have square teeth. They are widely used in mechanical drives along with Timing Pulleys to transmit power and torque.


Product Attributes
Basic Reference 150-XL
Basic Product Description PROTORQUE HTD Imperial Timing Belt
Metric/Imperial Imperial
Material Rubber
Nominal Length Ln (Inch) 15
Tooth pitch (Inch) 3/16
Width (inch) 3/8
Nominal Length Ln (mm) 381
Tooth pitch (mm) 5.08
Width (mm) 9.525

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