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Used to link two or more rotating shafts, industrial belts are found in every industry, across a vast range of applications.

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Why choose a belt drive over a chain drive?

Belt drives and chain drives serve a very similar purpose. But what are the advantages of a belt drive over a chain drive?

Lower maintenance requirements

A high quality belt will continue to transmit power for many years with minimal maintenance required. It will not rust, and is much more resistant to environmental contamination than chain.


Belt drives are often much more cost-effective than chain drives, particularly in applications where the distance between shafts is large.


High-quality belts generally run between 95% and 98% efficiency, making them an efficient option.


Chain drives are notoriously noisy, so in applications where noise pollution is a consideration, a belt drive may be a good choice.


Types of belts include:

  • V-belts

  • Wrapped belts

  • Wedge belts

  • Timing belts

  • Twist-link belts

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