Timken take-up roller bearing units

Often used in conveyor lines, Timken take up roller bearing units are easy to fit and maintain.

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QATU13A207ST, Timken, Take-up unit QATU13A207ST,  Timken,  Take-up unit Timken

Bearing unit, DuPont™Teflon®labyrinth seals, Concentric set screw lock (Single collar), Expansion type: Fixed

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Brand Timken
Mfr Part No. QATU13A207ST

What are the benefits of choosing Timken take-up roller bearing units?

Timken take up roller bearing units consist of a mountable housing, a premium quality Timken roller bearing and a sealing solution tailored to the operating conditions of the application.

These bearing units are mostly found in conveyor lines, where they are used to align conveyor tracks and to tension conveyor belts and elevator pulleys.

Mounted onto a take up frame, these bearing units are easy to fit and maintain.

Benefits of Timken take up roller bearing bearing units include:

  • Manufactured from cast steel as standard
  • High level of operational reliability
  • Increased service life
  • Excellent tolerance of thrust loads
  • Good misalignment capabilities
  • Ease of relubrication thanks to grease nipple

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Ex-1 Seals

  • Triple-lip nitrile rubber seals (6)
  • DuPont™Teflon®labyrinth seals (1)

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  • Expansion type: Fixed (58)

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  • Type-E dimension housing (51)
  • Solid block housing (7)