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ContiTech timing belts

ContiTech manufactures a comprehensive and diverse range of timing belts to suit every industrial application. From double sided timing belts to helical offset timing belts, you can be sure that ContiTech will have a solution for your application. 

Reasons to buy from us

What are the advantages of choosing a ContiTech timing belt?

There are many benefits of choosing a ContiTech timing belt for your industrial application including:

  • ContiTech timing belts deliver up to 99% efficiency thanks to the way their teeth mesh with the sprocket.
  • These belts provide maintenance free operation throughout their service life, reducing both downtime and costs for the business. 
  • Rubber and polyurethane options are available, to suit every application and operating environment. 
  • Special and non-standard designs are available on request, ensuring that every application is catered for. 

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