We know how critical it is to avoid downtime in the marine industry. Delayed sailing, late docking, and off-hire time all affect profitability, and a mechanical failure when at sea could result in hours or even days of unplanned downtime, as well as having the potential to cause serious injury. We understand ship operators need to maximise time at sea, reduce maintenance costs, and provide a safe working environment for the crew.

Marine Industry

The rapid technology advancements that we have seen on land have also been mirrored in the marine industry – with their own set of challenges. Rising fuel costs, increasingly stringent environmental regulations and growing health and safety concerns mean that application design, maintenance and repair in the industry is no easy task. The marine industry demands the highest levels of performance and reliability, from every single component: from the propulsion systems to the power generators.

The wet, cold and contaminated conditions associated with the marine industry present additional challenges. Bearings need to be well sealed in order to preserve lubricant and prevent the introduction of contaminants. Any lubrication used needs to be environmentally friendly in order to comply with strict environmental regulations. Machine conditions need to be constantly monitored, so that any risk of failure can be corrected during planned maintenance, as unplanned repairs can be costly, and a huge inconvenience due to the frequent remote locations.

Products commonly used in the marine industry include:

ACORN® supply a wide range of products suitable for the marine industry, and we can help you to make the right selection for your requirements. Contact your nearest branch today to discuss how ACORN can help you.


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