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CASE STUDY: Fife Branch Help Local Biomass Plant with Major Turbine Oil Change







Benefits to customer:

Improved machine performance, preventative maintenance and support

The Issue

A local Biomass plant reached out to Acorn’s Fife branch as the turbine oil the plant used had never previously been changed, only topped up when needed, when they urgently needed to change out 1,500 litres of oil so the turbines would work at their optimum.

The Solution

Regional Manager, Phil McLaughlin suggested they make the switch to Petro-Canada TURBOFLO Turbine Fluid to ensure that he was providing the best solution possible. Phil worked with Petro-Canada to answer any questions and queries the Chief Engineer of the plant had. It was advised that before putting in the new fluid, the turbines should have any sludge and dirt cleared out to make sure that the new oil would work at its optimum. Additionally, as Petro-Canada fluid moves through the system, it helps to keep the filters clean, so by cleaning the turbine out before adding the fluid will keep the turbines clean and working well.

1,500 litres of TURBOFLO were delivered within 10 days to correspond with the planned maintenance shut down the site had organised. To aid with the plants preventative maintenance measures and to safeguard performance, ACORN® and Petro-Canada are taking regular samples to provide the customer with continuous updates on how the oil is performing.

Acorn works closely with Petro-Canada to provide the best possible solutions for our customers applications, contact the sales team today.