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Scraping off the downtime in the mining and quarrying industry

Conditions in the mining and quarrying industry are renowned for being harsh, with levels of contamination topping the scales. This often leads to a dramatic reduction in service life for machinery used in this industry.

Pneumatic cylinders are no different. Contaminants such as mud and cement commonly come into contact with cylinder rods and are at risk of entering the cylinder, which could lead to machine breakdown. Regular downtime is required for cleaning to ensure that contamination of the internal cylinder and compromisation of the cylinder mechanisms is avoided.

With Camozzi, this doesn’t have to be the case. Camozzi have pioneered a metal scraper which continuously cleans substrate such as cement and mud from the rod, keeping the cylinder free from contaminants and improving reliability.

This scraper seal has been specially designed to enhance the reliability of the cylinder whilst promoting efficiency, helping to maximise productivity and prevent downtime in the mining and quarrying industry.

At ACORN, we know how important it is to keep your downtime to a minimum. That’s why we offer a fast service on pneumatic cylinders. We hold large stocks of cylinders at our central distribution centre which are available on a same day basis. Thanks to our close working relationship with Camozzi, we are also able to source non-standard cylinders, such as those fitted with a metal scraper seal, on exceptionally short lead times.

It's easy to switch to Camozzi’s scraper range with ACORN’s fast interchange service. Our knowledgeable sales team can quickly cross-reference your current brand of cylinder with the comparable Camozzi cylinder, making the changeover fast and simple.

For expert advice on choosing the right pneumatic cylinder for your aggregates application, contact your local sales team today.