Acorn offers a broad range of pneumatic products from various manufacturers. We are an authorised distributor for Camozzi - a global leader in the manufacture of pneumatic products. We are also able to supply other manufactures including Festo, SMC, Norgren, Metalwork, Matara, Bosch Rexroth & Parker. Contact your local Acorn Branch for a no-obligation quote today.

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Our pneumatics

Reasons to buy from us

What is the Acorn range of pneumatic products?

Applications of Pneumatics

Pneumatic systems have wide and versatile applications in industries. They power tools, automate machinery, and control processes in manufacturing, automotive, food processing, and healthcare. 

It is usefully applied to a great extent for jobs that are related to fast motion, precision, and safety in applications such as assembly lines, packaging, and medical devices.


Pneumatics vs Hydraulics

Although pneumatic and hydraulic systems are both concerned with power transmission, the differences in their use and advantages are enormous. Pneumatics use compressed air; thus, they are suitable for applications that require cleanliness and lightweight operations, like food processing and pharmaceuticals. 

Hydraulics, using pressurised liquids, are preferred where heavy-duty applications requiring higher force and precise control are needed, such as in construction machinery and industrial presses.

Acorn stocks an extensive range of Camozzi pneumatic products including valves, FRL's and fittings.

The pneumatic range available from Acorn covers:

  • Cylinders 
    • Actuators
    • Compact magnetic cylinders
    • Mini cylinders
    • Double-acting magnetic pistons
    • Rotary cylinders
    • Grippers
    • Rodless cylinders
  • Fittings
    • Super-Rapid fittings
    • Compression fittings
    • Quick release couplings
    • Air Brake fittings
    • NPT fittings
    • Fitting accessories
  • Valves
    • Solenoid valves
    • Valve islands
  • FRL's
    • Filters
    • Coalescing filters
    • Carbon activated filters and lubricators
    • Lockable isolation 3/2 way valves
    • soft start valves and take off blocks
    • Regulators and filter-regulators
    • Pressure microregulators
    • Filter-regulators and lubricators
    • Pressure guages and accessories
    • Pressure gauges
  • Tubing
    • Flexible and extra flexible nylon tubing C-Truck air brake nylon tubing
    • Flexible nylon recoils
    • Reinforced PVC braided hose
    • PVC hose
    • PV tubing
    • Pneumatic polyurethane tubing


Explore other MRO products we offer

At ACORN industrial services, our offerings extend beyond just pneumatics. We are committed to providing other mro products to meet your industrial needs:

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Pneumatics FAQs

What is pneumatics in simple terms?

Pneumatics is a technology that uses compressed air to transfer and control energy; it can power a wide array of hand tools and machinery used in industry.

Why use pneumatics instead of electric?

Pneumatics are principally preferred to electric drive systems for applications with rapid, continuous movement that requires durability and safety in possibly explosive surroundings.

What is the purpose of a pneumatic system?

A pneumatic system entails the use of compressed air to power and control machinery and tools, providing efficient and reliable operation.

Is pneumatic stronger than electric?

Pneumatic systems are not necessarily superior to electric systems, but are preferred only due to speed, safety, and appropriateness to many working environments.