Ruland spider jaw couplings

Ruland spider jaw couplings comprise of two hubs, along with an elastomeric “spider” insert. The spider dampens shock loads and vibration, protecting the electric motor and other surrounding equipment.  

Reasons to buy from us

How does the spider work in a Ruland spider jaw coupling?

The spider within a Ruland spider jaw coupling is designed to be the wear element of the coupling. This makes replacement cost effective and simple.

Elastomeric spiders provide excellent dampening properties against vibration and shock loads, helping to protect electric motors and other sensitive surrounding equipment against potential damage.

Spiders are available in different materials, with differing levels of hardness.

The softest types of spider also allow for small amounts of both angular and parallel misalignment.

Harder spiders provide a greater level of torsional stiffness, delivering higher torque capabilities.

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