Ruland shaft collars

Ruland Shaft Collars offer premium quality collars and clamps manufactured in multiple styles to fit shafts ranging from 1/8" to 6" in the inch series and 3mm to 150mm in the metric series, ensuring there's a Ruland shaft collar to suit most requirements. In addition, ACORN also offers Ruland's Threaded, Double Width, Large bore and Thin Line Shaft Collars and Bearing Locknuts. As an authorised Ruland distributor, a full manufacturer warranty is provided.

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Shaft Collars FAQs

Why choose Ruland Shaft Collars?

Shaft collars are one of the most simple, versatile, and indispensable mechanical components. They’re used in almost every application across any industry. If a gear or component is mounted on a shaft, there's a good chance a shaft collar is holding it in place.

Like any mechanical device, shaft collars can underperform or fail for various reasons, such as:

  • Not being properly installed.
  • Wide shaft tolerances.
  • Poorly designed or misapplied.
  • The shaft collar is not precision faced.

Ruland shaft collars are manufactured to ensure superior fit, finish, and holding power.