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SKF industrial chains

SKF transmission chain is manufactured in state of the art facilities, under tight quality controls. All products conform to ISO standards and other industrial standards such as ANSI, BS, DIN and JIS. 

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What types of SKF chain are available?

Roller chains

SKF roller chains are suitable for the widest range of industries, from construction to metals. There are many options available, such as nickel or zinc plating, single or double pitching and Xtra Strength.

Leaf chains

SKF leaf chains are designed for slow moving, high load applications, such as forklifts, or as counterweight chains for elevators or cranes.

Oil field chains

SKF oil field chains are commonly found in applications in the oil industry. They are designed to withstand heavy shock loads and extreme operating conditions.  

Agricultural chains

SKF agricultural chains can be used as light duty drive chains, or combined with attachments to be used for conveyor drives and light duty elevators in the agriculture and forestry industry.

Silent chains

SKF silent chains are also known as inverted tooth chains. These chains are found across a wide range of industrial applications, and are able to transmit power smoothly, efficiently and economically.

Corrosion resistant chains

SKF corrosion resistant chains are made from stainless steel and provide superior corrosion resistance to the most demanding applications. This chain is ideal for applications where harsh chemicals are used, or where high powered washdowns are common, for example in the food & beverage or the pharmaceuticals industry.

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