Tschan flexible couplings

When you’re looking for a coupling for a heavy-duty application, TSCHAN flexible couplings could be ideal.

With outstanding dampening properties, high resistance to shock loads and low maintenance requirements, the NOR-MEX® claw coupling provides robust holding-power when you need it the most.

Reasons to buy from us

Where are TSCHANĀ® flexible couplings used?

TSCHAN® flexible couplings have been carefully designed to meet the demands of heavy-duty applications. These couplings feature an excellent resistance to shock loads, along with outstanding dampening properties for applications which are subject to vibration.

These couplings also help to reduce machine downtime. They have low maintenance requirements as well as being fail-safe, helping to guard against costly unplanned downtime and catastrophic machine failure.

Industries which use TSCHAN® flexible couplings include:

  • Steel and metal
  • Building and construction
  • Material handling
  • Power generation
  • Mining and quarrying

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