SKF Electrically Insulated INSOCOAT bearings

When dealing with electric motors and generators, it is important to consider how you will insulate your components electrically.

Failing to sufficiently insulate your bearing electrically can lead to arcing if the bearing is hit by a stray electric current. This will shorten the lifespan of the bearing, through excess vibration and heat.

SKF INSOCOAT® bearings perform two functions in one solution, acting as a bearing whilst providing electrical insulation. They have a minimum electrical resistance of 200 MΩ, as well as the ability to withstand voltages up to 3,000 V DC.

Coated with aluminium oxide, SKF INSOCOAT® bearings are perfect for use in humid conditions, as they are insensitive to both heat and chemicals.

SKF INSOCOAT® bearings are able to virtually eliminate electrical erosion, helping to reduce downtime, maintenance and costs to a business.

ACORN is an authorised SKF distributor, and we can help you to find the ideal SKF INSOCOAT® bearing for your application. Contact us today to find out more.

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