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FALK manufactures quality gear couplings which offer superior load protection to surrounding equipment. 

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Minimise your downtime with Falk Lifelign from ACORN

In the harsh environment of the aggregates industry, regular component failure is almost expected. Shock loads, vibration and misalignment are frequent, and have the potential to cause vast amounts of damage to surrounding machinery if it is not adequately protected.

Falk understand the challenges faced in this industry and has created the Lifelign gear coupling to counter these arduous conditions.

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Falk Lifelign couplings are ideal for use on applications such as conveyors, crushers, gearboxes, pulpers and pumps found in the mining & quarrying, recycling, heavy engineering and metals industries.

Lifelign couplings have triple crowned teeth, which minimise wear caused by misalignment. The teeth are crowned on the root, tip and face, helping to protect equipment from damaging loads by eliminating tip-loading whilst reducing backlash and radial clearances.

This coupling comes with low maintenance requirements, thanks to long term grease (LTG) lubrication, as well as a four-point seal. Together, these provide optimum lubricant retention to extend the coupling life whilst reducing maintenance requirements.

Customers can also reap savings of up to 35% when compared to the competition, thanks to Lifelign’s large bore capacities and high torque ratings.

ACORN stock Lifelign gear couplings at a component level, meaning that couplings can be quickly made up according to customers’ requirements, as a single engagement, double engagement or rigid gear coupling. This means that customer downtime is kept to a minimum, with access to their replacement coupling on a same day basis.

For more information about Falk Lifelign couplings, contact your local ACORN® branch today.

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