Fenner twist link belts

Twist link belting provides a new solution to power transmission belting requirements. Twist-lock technology means that the length of the belt can be altered quickly and easily, and belt tension is maintained throughout its service life.

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Types of twist link belts manufactured by Fenner Drives

There are three types of twist link belts manufactured by Fenner Drives. POWERTWIST Drive is a red belt, NuTLink is an orange belt and SuperTLink is a blue belt.


POWERTWIST Drive is an advanced twist link belt by Fenner Drives which is designed to maintain the optimal belt tension throughout its service life. This helps to reduce maintenance costs whilst increasing application efficiency.

POWERTWIST Drive twist link belts are available as V-belts, round belts and wedge belts.


NuTLink V-belts are designed for applications where heavy shock loads are an everyday occurrence. They are also ideal for reciprocating engine powered drives.

This belt can be quickly and easily fitted, even on the most inaccessible drives, with no dismantling of the drive required. These twist link belts can be made to length on site in minutes, with no specialist equipment required: Simply add or remove links to the desired length using the twist-link technology.


SuperTLink wedge belts are designed as a direct replacement for SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC, 3V and 5V wedge belts. They are perfect for heavy duty applications with regular shock loads and multi-belt drives.

Where can I buy Fenner Drives twist link belts?

ACORN stock and supply a wide range of Fenner Drives twist link belts. Contact your local branch today to discuss your requirements.

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