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How to choose the right shaft collar for your processing and packaging machinery

The processing and packaging industry demands the highest quality components, which are able to keep up with the fast pace of the industry.

Shaft collars may be some of the smallest machine components, but the role they play in guiding, mounting and aligning machine components cannot be underestimated.

At ACORN, we stock a vast range of Ruland one-piece, two-piece and quick clamping shaft collars. Ruland is a leading manufacturer of premium quality shaft collars, and with over 80 years of manufacturing experience, you can rest assured you’re in good hands when you choose a Ruland shaft collar.

Below, we discuss the main types of shaft collar and the advantages of each, to help you to decide which Ruland shaft collar is right for your processing and packaging machinery.

One-piece shaft collars

Ruland’s range of one-piece shaft collars wrap around the shaft in a single piece, providing even distribution of clamping forces. This delivers a tight fit for excellent holding power, without causing damage to the shaft.

One-piece shaft collars are often a cost-effective solution which is suitable for many applications. However, one-piece couplings take longer to install than two-piece shaft collars, as they need to be slid onto the shaft from an open end.

Two-piece shaft collars

Two-piece shaft collars have increased versatility over one-piece shaft collars, providing additional convenience. The split design means that installation is easy, with no disassembly of surrounding equipment needed. This can dramatically reduce downtime when adjustment, removal or replacement is required.

Two-piece shaft collars have a superior holding power compared to one-piece collars, and will not damage the shaft.

Quick clamping shaft collars

Ruland’s innovative quick clamping shaft collars make installation easy, as no tools are required. Simply slide the collar onto the shaft and push the lever down to secure it. These couplings are ideal for light duty or low RPM applications, where regular set up changes or adjustments may be required.

For more help choosing the right shaft collar for your processing and packaging application, contact our dedicated couplings division today.