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Industry 4.0: Are electromechanical linear actuators really the smart choice?

How can electromechanical linear actuators help move manufacturing processes towards automation?

Rollon Linear Actuators

Selecting the right linear actuator

Rollon's top tips to help you find the right solution

Naturelight Greenhouse with SKF Linear motion

SKF Linear Motion in conjunction with Acorn Industrial Services, provides fresh air for plant growers

An innovative system for opening and closing the roofs of commercial greenhouses.

Animatronic American footballer

A Team Effort to Produce a Team Player!

South Yorkshire based company—Acorn Industrial Services helps to get the world’s largest animatronic human moving.

How SKF Are Producing Products With The Environment In Mind

SKF, one of the world's leading ball bearing suppliers and manufacturers have released a range of new, environmentally-friendly products. We explore...

THK Linear Actuator TY Series

The TY Series of High Speed Linear Actuator from THK remains one of the finest products on the market. Designed to reach speeds up to 5 m/sec and accelerations up to 5Gs, the TY...

SKF Linear motion, in conjunction with Acorn Industrial Services, provides fresh air for plant growers

Traditional commercial greenhouses, with either manually opened or remotely operated roof sections, and polytunnels with lift-up side panels, can make it difficult to control ideal growing conditions,...

Harnessing Natures Climate Benefits

In an exciting and innovative new application for SKF actuators and controllers, Acorn Linear has been working with Naturelight Greenhouses to produce a fully opening and controllable greenhouse roof....