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Is automation the right step for your business?

Many businesses are turning to machine automation systems to allow them to work smarter and faster than ever before. But how do you know whether machine automation is right for your business?

Grease is the word: Five steps to effective lubrication

Clive Simkins, our Bearings and Maintenance Product Manager, has put together his top five steps to effective lubrication, to help you to reduce your risk of premature bearing failure due to lubrication issues.

Introducing Paul Speight: ACORN’s Power Transmission Product Manager

To celebrate his recent promotion to Power Transmission Product Manager, we caught up with Paul Speight to find out about his past experience in the industry, as well as how he sees his new role developing.

Is your wind farm blowing out money?

The majority of wind turbines are expected to have a service life of over 20 years, meaning that breakdown is almost inevitable at some point during a turbine’s lifetime. The question is: how big an impact will any breakdown have on the business?

The lightweight chain solution for the food & beverage industry

In the food and beverage industry, it is essential to balance regulatory compliance with cost minimisation and optimum production levels. A failure in any of these areas could have huge consequences for the business.

ACORN announces new Power Transmission Product Manager

Paul Speight belts up the take on this new role.

5 ways to increase your sustainability with SKF Food Line housed units

SKF has released its new Food Line range of bearing units, created specifically for the demanding environment of the food & beverage industry.

Ruland oldham couplings become even more versatile

World-renowned couplings manufacturer, Ruland, has announced its new stainless steel oldham coupling: a huge step forward for applications operating in corrosive, vacuum and cleanroom environments.

Top 5 reasons for seal failure (and how to prevent them)

Bearing seals are perhaps one of the most underrated components on any machine. They perform the essential role of guarding against contamination whilst keeping hold of the lubricant. When a seal fails, it is often quickly followed by bearing failure: a costly consequence.

Preventing chain reactions in corrosive environments

What do you do when you need a power transmission chain which can stand up to the demands of the industry, without losing any strength?