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How to fit a bearing

With around one in six premature bearing failures occurring as a result of poor fitting practices, it’s easy to see why it’s so important that bearings are fitted properly. But there are so many different ways to fit a bearing – how do you know which is right for your machinery?

Wayne Gilbank awarded Employee of the Month for September 2021

Congratulations to Digital Manager, Wayne Gilbank for being awarded Employee of the Month for September!

SKF Quick Collect

How to use the SKF QuickCollect sensor & app

Follow Bearing Product Manager, Andy Fletcher, as he shows you how to measure your machine health witht he SKF Quickcollect sensor & app.

CASE STUDY: Mapro Hire range saves a maintenance job with minimal wait time

Acorn's South West branch were recently able to save a customers repair job by delivering the correct alginment tool within 1 hour.

Brands in the spotlight: THK

Leaders in Linear Motion technology, THK is sysnonymous with performance, delivering unique solutions.

Image of differenct variations of the SKF explorer spherical roller bearing

SKF Bearing Review: Spherical Roller Bearing

Read ACORN'S honest review of the SKF Explorer spherical roller bearings and it's real-world performance.

Why should you visit ACORN® at the PPMA Exhibition?

In the first exhibiton for the company since 2019, ACORN will be exhibiting at the PPMA exhibition - here's why you should join us...

Black oxide bearings - improving operational reliability in the wind industry

We look at how black oxide bearings could help to improve operational reliability in wind turbines, by driving downtime requirements and minimising machine breakdowns.

Lynne Meredith awarded Employee of the Month for August 2021

Congratulations to Sales Advisor, Lynne Meredith for being awarded Employee of the Month for August!

Image of man pressing aerosol lubrication attached to a RotaLube inaccessible lubrication kit

How to lubricate inaccessible chain

In chain driven applications, it can be difficult and dangerous trying to ensure that the chain stays lubricated, find out how you can keep chain running longer, even in inaccessible applications.