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The ACORN Bearing Compendium: Types of bearing, Part 5

The sheer amount of different types of bearings can be overwhelming, in part 5 we take you through all the different types of ebarings and what they're used for.

5 reasons to choose Timken Type-E housed units

Timken is renowned for its superior tapered roller bearings, delivering longer life and better performance in even the harshest of conditions. But wouldn’t it be great if these bearings were available as housed units?

What bearings are used in wind turbines?

In this article, we discover the types of bearings used in each section of a wind turbine, along with the options available to enhance service life.

Do Wind Turbines Really Work?

Wind farms and wind turbines are a subject which can summon a range of different views and feelings ranging from delight in wind being used as power to absolute disgust that large turbines are appearing...

The Influence of Roman Engineering on the Contemporary World

The Roman Empire is well known for its amazing feats of engineering, many of which have heavily influenced contemporary machinery.