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What bearings are used in wind turbines?

In this article, we discover the types of bearings used in each section of a wind turbine, along with the options available to enhance service life.

Brands in the spotlight: NSK

NSK is a world leading manufacturer of premium quality bearings and linear motion products to suit applications across every industry.

What happens when a bearing fails?

Premature bearing failure, which is when a bearing fails before reaching its expected service life, is a common occurrence. But that doesn’t mean you have to accept it.

Comparing the maintenance of heavy equipment in rural and urban applications

Urban and rural environments are really different and they put different stresses on heavy equipment accordingly.

The Tiniest Ball Bearings in the World

The tiniest miniature ball bearing in the world is smaller than a grain of rice and can rotate at a speed of over 5,000 rpm.

The Science Experiment Which Took Off Like A Rocket - Creating Space Ball Bearings

Original thinking brought a group of students from the 80s to send their stainless ball bearing experiment up into space in the early 2000s.

Bearings in Space: Curiosity Rover’s Mission to Mars

Without an assortment of high precision bearings, much of the moving equipment on the Mars rover 'Curiosity' wouldn't be possible. What roles do these parts play exactly in NASA's latest adventure to...

Bear in mind the ceramic ball bearing.

Ceramic bearings weigh less than their steel counterparts and are extremely durable. They're also chemically inert and not very sensitive to moisture, placing them as a contender against the traditional...

Lubricant Free Ball Bearings

Lubrication is vital for any bearing, if not properly lubricated then friction, corrosion and dirt can diminish the quality and life as we explore...

Comparing Bearings In Computers – Part 1

The demand for smaller and thinner computers and systems means that designers are having to create more compact products which are harder to keep cool. Heat is a nightmare for these types of products...


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