Electrically insulated bearings

When stray current in an electric motor uses a bearing as its path to ground, bearing damage can occur in the form of micro-cratering in the raceways of the bearing on the inner and outer rings and on the rolling element surface. A cost effective solution to this problem is to fit an Electrically Insulated Bearing.

Acorn hold stocks of SKF Insocoat (VL0241/VL2071) & NKE (SQ77) electrically insulated bearings which can be despatched same day.

SKF manufacture a range of Electrically Insulated Bearing range consisting of a Hybrid Bearing range and an Insocoat Bearing range, both provide the solution to the stray current problem & both are available through your nearest Acorn Branch.

Choosing the right bearing for your application is dependent on the severity and cause of the stray electric current, this will determine which of these Electrically Insulated Bearings is right for you. Contact your Acorn branch today to discuss your requirements.

The most common causes of stray electric currents are:

  • Asymmetry in the motor’s magnetic circuit
  • Unshielded power cables
  • Fast switching pulse width modulated frequency converters used in modern VFD’s

Features & Benefits of Electrically Insulated Bearings

  • Virtually eliminates premature bearing failures caused by stray electric currents
  • Increases machine uptime
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Provides an economical solution when compared with other insulation solutions
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